Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Elaine

I hope you will all join me in wishing "Elaine" a Happy Birthday today...I met Elaine several years ago on a Grief Recovery web site...It's amazing how that meeting ha helped us both in our grieving process...She has become one of my "bestest friends" through the years and I hope she knows that...She has a heart of gold and has always been there no matter what...Of course she's easy to trick and I can rile her up in a flash...And sometimes I end up telling her just how it is, and that sometimes I'm not very nice in how I tell her things, but I hope she knows that if I didn't care about her as a person, I wouldn't say anything...There's so much more I could tell you about her, but she's private person who doesn't like a lot of hoop da la about her, so with that said, the last thing I will say "is enjoy your special day, my special friend and thanks for always being there."

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Kathy said...

You are so sweet, June! What a special way to wish a special friend a Happy Birthday. I wish I thought of it lol.. Let me just join you in agreement of all your sweet thoughts, and wish Elaine a Happy Birthday as well.