Saturday, July 24, 2010

PSE6 Tutorial

I've been trying to learn more about PSE6 and making things easier when it comes to multiple pictures on a LO...I found a GREAT FREE tutorial along with a layered template by Ali Edwards...I found the best thing for me was to use the same photos over and over to practice with...Of course I've saved the originals just in case...One thing I can say is practice, practice, practice...I tend to run the tutorial in the background and switch back and forth...A little time consuming, but that's what works best for me at this point...Tomorrow, I'm going to do the tutorial once again, this time I'm going to try not looking and just listening as I create...Another thing you might try is just watching the tutorial and then creating...This might work better especially if you are more familiar with PSE6 than I am...One of the things I love is to share what I've found...Here's the link...Enjoy...

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