Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm Lovin It

Things have been crazy for me...I've been going to 2 crops a week...then I've been scrap happy at home plus trying to get all those other things done that need to get done...I'm trying to leave some luv on the blogs that I visit, but I'd never get anything done...So what I've come up with is to take one hour, visit blogs, AMR gallery and leave as much luv as I can in that short period of time...I get lost in the reading...I've completed about 4 more LOs and I'm really pleased with how they've turned out...I also managed to pre-cut some of my scraps to use for cards...Someone mentioned that it makes the card making process go a little faster...That will make for less to take to the camper when I decide to go...This way I'll have all these goodies and I can catch up card making...Just way behind in everything...Lots of progress in LOs as I can't stay away from the work area...Probably doing more picking and choosing and looking than anything, but I'm having fun....I'll be joining my friend Suzanne on Friday at the Olive Garden before we head off to crop...She really does some nice scrapping...one of these days I'll have to take some pictures of her beautiful work as she's not into the computer world...She's got a great eye for color and what makes things work...That's what I luv the most about the crops as there's so many others there, and since I'm not that great with deciding on what goes with what, you can always get another opinion or two if need be...Well getting kind of late here so think it's time to count sheep, that's if I can make it past the scrap area without stopping...

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