Monday, January 17, 2011

Digi Quick Pages

I am in love with Digi Quick Pages...If you are a scrapper ad you have one photo that is just awesome and nothing to go with it in your stash, the quick page is the way to go...Don't get me wrong, I love playing with paper, but by the time I would go out and get a stash for one photo, would definitely cost more than the cost of having an 8 x 8 digi quick page printed out...Yes you could use what you purchase for another paper layout, but then again, it could just sit there collecting dust, never to be used again...Of course, it's up to every one's individual preference...My preference is a quick page...Plus there are so many awesome FREE pages out there...don't forget to give credit to the person that created the page...follow a blog never know what you'll find...If you prefer to take it a step farther, than you can make your own digi page...I'm still learning and as with most things, practice, practice, practice is a must...Also save, save, save your work...even the most proficient people in the digi world will tell you, don't forget to save your work...I would also recommend an external hard drive if you are in to any digi stuff...backing up your files is another thing...If a couple of days goes past and I haven't worked on a quick page I tend to forget some of the easy steps...The other day was no exception...I payed around for quite sometime before I decided to search for some help...I found one of the best and easiest to follow quick page tutorials and I would like to share that with you...Here it is in all it's glory and I am sure you will agree it's easey peasey to follow...Here's the quick page I created...Thanks for looking, have a wonderful day, stay safe, and enjoy...

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