Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Spider Man

I had read at one time to be ready with your camera at any time, so during the summer when we got rained out at camp we took my DGS George (3) into see Spider Man, camera in tote. While waiting for show time we went to WalMart, low and behold there were posters every where with spidey himself. If I hadn't had that camera I would have missed these great shots. This LO did have another spider or two in the web but think they crawled off. I was so proud that I remembered to save the show tickets. Believe it or not I cut strips to make the web. Took me forever, but was so proud of myself. In the meantime I found some other spidey things to put in their place I just never have. So remember take that camera as you don't want to miss out on that perfect photo.


Kelli said...

that's one big spider! TFS!

great job on the layout!!

Sandy said...

That's the only spider I'll be next to. Cute LO and boy, are you making them like crazy. Keep it up gal! Hugs~

Elizabeth said...

Love the spiderweb! Great work!

PattiM said...

Great job remembering your camera.....You ended up with a great LO.....Love the spider web...And the tickets are neat.....I forgot my camera when we went down the hill yesterday.... Missed some awesome shots of snow/cloud covered mountains with the sun setting....So sad for me....SIGH!