Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Willson Wednesday

Today is dedicated to one of many special friends in my life. Her name is Barb, but I get to call her Barbie. I just found out that only two other people in her life were allowed to call her Barbie and that was her Mom & Sis...So how special is that??? BARBIE and I met under unusual circumstances as we had both lost a loved one and our paths happened to cross in an online grief chat room...That was approximately 10 years ago. We met in Vegas shortly after that and then again a couple years after that. I just happen to pick up the phone in December 2007 and say hey we're going to Vegas in January why don't you and hubby meet us there?? And like wow they did. It was their anniversary and it was our vacation and it was ohhhhhhhh so great. It was hard to say goodbye. We exchange birthday cards, Christmas gifts and whatever else floats are boats, nothing written in stone it's like we just know what to do and when to do it...Cyber Sisters. Sometimes are wave lengths are so on target that it's kinda scary, in a good way of course. I like to say she's my OLDer friend just to hear her tell me shud up. Despite the distance between us we've managed to go through good times and bad time together. Knowing each one is there for the other when needed. That's what it's all about. So's to me, here's to you, and here's to US...Now I need to spell check this and grammar check this and all that other good stuff, as she's a stickler for that kind of stuff. All kidding aside, luv ya girlfriend, till we meet again.

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Barbie2LL's said...

Good afternoon my dearest friend. What an honor to have you dedicate today's blog to me. For those of you who read this, yes she is right, she is only the 3rd person allowed to use the name Barbie. LOL.. are my sister in cyberspace and I love you dearly. Gosh.. I think we need to make each other quilts again.. you work well under stress!! (as do I). Have you decided what we need to do for Christmas yet?? You know it's less than 11 months now. lol
And your next birthday.. hmmm.. let me think... something with AARP (you know.. that retired persons organization) on it I think for my "OLDER" sister LOL.. Luv you..