Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wish all LOs went this quick

Here's a LO I just completed...wish they all went this quick...I'm really happy with the end result...TFL...Have a great day...and the journaling is belowing for your viewing

Having worked at a senior center for several years, I had the opportunity to participate in many of their activities. A forth at the pinochle table, a dance partner, a good listener, someone that helped fill out all those confusing papers when family members weren’t available and the list goes on. To hear them talk about senior citizens in general was a riot. They themselves were always complaining or laughing about what seniors did or didn’t do from not knowing how to drive or to parking their shopping cart in the middle of a grocery isle and the list goes on. With Halloween fast approaching and their annual party, I thought what better costume I could come up with than that of a senior citizen. I must have done a bang up job as I won for the best costume and brought tears of laughter to the entire party. I had my grandfather’s cane, my husband’s slippers, my grandmother’s pocket book and dress, clothes pins on my clothes, safety pin hooked to my hanky on my lopsided buttoned sweater, and who could forget the babushka. As you can see by the picture I even have seniors helping me get around. This is just one of my fondest memories.

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