Friday, March 7, 2008

Assingment from the PSE 6 class

We had a mid week challenge for PSE 6...I complete the task...Mr. Mojo only knows how I did...Got mixed up several times, which is not unusal for me...object was to bring in a picture...convert to black and white...then add the journalling and title...the journal box was already there, so had to get it lined up and then save for printing and also for here it is...LOL LOL...dumb journalling, but all I could think of...of course I won't print it out, but it's a learning process...I just keep shaking my head and LOL LOL LOL...Will put it on my blog...not too many people look TFL... Might not see it at all if I can't find it...ohhhhhh boyyyyyyyy....June


jadadog said...

Love it June!!! And I check your blog!!!!

Aunt Bree said...

I check your blog too now June! GOod job with your LO! I used that exact template a while back for one of my DD's LOs. I like the picture in black and white.

Marfa said...

MORE snow...hope all is going well there! I'm going to stay home for the rest of the day....and SCRAP!!!

Sandy said...

Oh my you are a digi scrapper. That is great. I love the picture. Beautiful LO. WTG!!

joscelyne cutchens said...

don't you love Jessica's class? Keep on Keeping on, you're doing great~

Rachel said...

AWESOME!! I need to look into taking this class...OR getting you to teach me. LOL

Keep up the great LO's!!!