Sunday, March 2, 2008

Busy Weekend

Been kind of crazy for the last couple of days. Saturday morning I went to a basketball game for my 9 year old DGD Sydney. It's sponsored by their church and has different age groups. They play for 20 minutes with a break in between. The main purpose is to teach the kids the basics of the game and guide them with their sportsmanship. They do keep score, but the kids are told that more important than the end result is that they had a good time. I did manage to take some pictures, but haven't even looked at them yet. After the game I took my 6 year old DGD Taylor to my dads for any overnight visit. I then brought my 11 year old DGD Kayla back to my place for an overnighter. Kayla had been to a girls night out at one of her friends house on Friday evening, so she rested her eyes for about an hour before dinner. We got Chinese for dinner, which is one of her favorites. After that we gathered our scrap stuff up and off to an evening crop. She was able to accomplish 3 pages and I believe I have about 5 pages, that need either the journalling or the title. We went to what I call a quaint scrapbook store. Lots of ideas, stuff for sale, plus I feel real comfy there. Both of us seemed to wind down before our time there was up,but that was ok as we needed to be up for church in the am.
After church on Sunday, they had a pancake and sausage breakfast which we stayed for and was mmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmm, good. A quick stop at home to pick up a LO that a friend of mine was going to do the writing on with her beautiful calligraphy. Kayla then took off with the Mr. Dave and the pooch for a walk in the park and a stop at the school. I stayed to chat with Miss Joni while they were gone. Our visits are never short as we all get to talking and the time just flies by. Kayla and Mr. Dave decided they wee going to spend some time out in the snow filled backyard. So I thanks everyone headed home. DGD will return around 5 ish and then we'll head off to pick up her sister and then head in the direction of taking them home. Somewhere in this time bracket I'll need to stop at the store for a couple of things and of course check out the sale action at JoAnns. Yesterday their items were only down to about 20% off. Still lots of things in the store, but I'm still waiting for big price drop.
This evening will try and catch up on the message board over at I also some somewhere where there's some great new items in the store. Check it out.
Thanks for stopping and have a great evening.

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