Thursday, February 21, 2008

Busy Days

It's been quite busy for me the last couple of days. Along with my computer updates my dad also got a new computer and we've been trying to help him get organized too. I finally re-installed PSE6 and Cricut Design Studio. I now need to do the upgrade for the cricut. If ayone needs that link I posted that info yesterday. Trying to figure out how to get MS Word and Excel from XP into Vista. I've looked an searched, but think I'm out of luck, which means I need plan B. Not sure just what that is, but that's my next plan of action.
Good things come in little packages and I just got my DUMMIES book for PSE6 in the mail today so some more good stuff to read. Also placed my order for the latest frenzy the Fiskars Scalloped Boarder Punch. If you haven't ordered your yet, check out
Need to catch up on some cards and have a LO planned out in my head so would like to get moving on those things too.
With all this excitement I mange to put aside a couple of hours to play backgammon with the "Ghost." Now here's a person that should be in Vegas. If you know anything about the game then you can relate to the double dice rolls. I'm not just talking about snake eyes either. Never in my life have I seen anyone that rolls double sixes as much as she does. I think she brings her own dice to the pogo tables. That along with the fact that I truly believe all these online games favor the person with a higher rating no matter what. What really puts the frosting on the cake is that she claims to have "taught" me how to play. Well if you call telling me roll the dice, move your pieces, get to the other end, and kill as you go or be killed "teaching" then I guess she is the responsible party. Now we all know that in the majority of games there is usually a strategy to playing. Well I wasn't informed on that part of it. So for 2 years it has been exactly as I said, kill or be killed. She's one tuff cookie to beat, which is far and few between, but I've got news for her, when she wasn't looking I stole her dice.
So everyone, that's my babbling for the day and I hope you all have a great evening.

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