Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday Monday

Today was a busy day. Up early to pack up stuff to go to my scrap crop. Packed up a few things last night but not completely. Was a good day scrappin. I didn't complete any LOs but I have 4 that need finishing touches on them from home. I was pleased with how things turned out and the extra help I did get. After the crop I took a ride to the paper store. Needed some cardstock. $1.00 a pound and you can't beat it. I just picked up a grabbed a handful of the colors available. This way if I run out I have a back up supply and I know the color will match. Amazing how any of the colors if not purchased at the same time can be off a smidgen. After that I found out that there was a Hobby Lobby and a JoAnns in the same neighborhood, so stopped at both places. Believe it or not my wallet is not any lighter. Then headed off to my youngest daughter and SIL's house for dinner. Had a nice visit there and here I am. No place like home. Tomorrow I'll be student learning Photoshop Elements 6. I was supposed to have the class last Friday but due to the weather conditions the instructor cancelled till tomorrow. Definately looking forward to that. Will be posting more tutorials and also some more LOs in the near future. I have another Valentine Card completed so be on the lookout. Have a wonderful evening and thanks for stopping by.

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