Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Madness

Well I mananged to stay off the message board for the most part. Had all kinds of running around to do, but spent most of my time traveling back and forth. JoAnn Fab is in liquidation, but not much there. Most was 20% off original prices which in my opinion was no big savings. Some of their scrap items were 40% off, which is normal, but you were not able to use a coupon, so again, no bargain to me. If you spent a lot of time looking through some bins for red sticker prices there were your bargains. Already marked down, with an additional 40% off. Now that's my idea of a bargain. After that it was a trip to Big Lots as I'm looking for a few more of the $1.00 albums I got lost week. Well nothing there, so off to Pat Catans. Again nothing there, but some good bargains in the bins, which I've already been through. So need to wait a few more days before going back there. Wanted to go to Target but my stomach was hungry and my feet were tired, so back home I came. By then it was time for dinner, my sister stopped over, and Hillary must have called me three times. We have a primary coming up soon. Had a few personnal calls to make and then decide it was time to make some cards. Well I managed to make three, but really not happy with any of them, so it's back to the drawing board tomorrow. Think I'm off to read my dummies book now and see what kind of trouble I can get into with that. So until tomorrow, have a great evening.

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