Thursday, February 7, 2008

TMK Thursday - General Hospital

Inbetween all the things that I had on my to do list, I found time to play catch up on my favorite soap "General Hospital." Once I started working years ago, I would catch bits and pieces of it here and there but would always check the soap summaries. Even after 20+ years, don't think I missed to much. Anyhow, if there's any GH soap fans out there, please post your comments with who you think the TMK is. I'm clueless...someone connected to all the people involved in one way or another, someone we know or knew in the past, someone that is supposed to be dead but not, male, female who knows anymore. They've really got me stumped on this one.
Don't forget the Scrap Chat Hour aka SCH at tonite 8:55 PM EST. Come one come all for a fun evening. I have a card crop to go to this evening, but I'm making sure I'm home in time to chat with the ladies. Hope you can make it, if not please make sure you stop in when you can and join us.
Still looking at Photoshop Tutorials, working on LOs, making cards, and all that other good stuff.
Have a great evening.

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Kathy said...

I have heard a lot of ideas... I think maybe it is Jerry or Logan. Not sure though. Maybe it is Jason's brother A.J. Only time will tell..